Can Solar Energy Increase Your Home’s Comfort & Reduce Costs?

Solar energy improves comfort and saves money
Adding a solar energy system to your northern Utah home is the simplest and most cost-effective way to power your home. Today’s photovoltaic technology is revolutionary in its simplicity, durability and effectiveness, and it has become affordable for virtually any homeowner in the U.S. But can going solar also increase the comfort of your home? The answer is a resounding yes, as long as you take a few simple steps to accomplish this goal. And, with these simple and cost-effective strategies, you can also reduce the number of solar panels you need, potentially reducing your system costs as well.

How Does Solar Energy Benefit You? Let Us Count the Ways

Today’s advanced technology has given us powerful, durable solar panels that convert the bountiful and free energy generated by the sun to electricity. You can provide bountiful free power for your home and, when you generate more electricity than you can use, you can send it up the grid and receive net metering credit against your future power bills. You will also be protected against future electrical rate hikes, which continue to increase at a record pace. Solar panels have a long life span (potentially up to 30 years) and require virtually no maintenance. When you purchase your solar panels, they improve both the value and the salability of your home. And, of course, reducing your use of municipal electricity reduces greenhouse gas emissions, helping reduce the strain on the environment.

Adopting Comfort-Focused Strategies to Complement Solar Power

Now, let’s look at how adding solar energy to your northern Utah home can improve your comfort. Passive solar strategies are one of the most effective ways to improve your home’s comfort while reducing your utility use. In northern Utah, these strategies are particularly effective. Essentially, this involves leveraging the sun’s energy for heat during the colder months and blocking it during the summer. You can achieve this through landscaping elements, awnings, solar screens and a variety of other options, depending on the location and design of your home. Reducing your energy consumption in conjunction with adding solar panels will also improve the comfort of your home while reducing your power costs. Your options are virtually limitless, from sealing air leaks, installing a smart thermostat, adding window tint, switching to LED lighting, adding ventilation to your attic and installing radiant barrier insulation. Determining the right approach for improving your home’s comfort starts with a comprehensive energy audit. The energy efficiency and solar power experts at Greenify Energy Savers offer this valuable service to homeowners in Sandy, Salt Lake City, Park City, Cottonwood Heights and the surrounding areas of northern Utah. Contact us today to learn more about how you can save money and increase the comfort of your home with solar power.