Can a Solar Energy System Eliminate Your Power Bill?

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Install a solar energy system, and you’ll see big savings on your monthly power bill. And, yes, you may even end up with no payment due. Cutting the costs of electricity is one of the top reasons Utah homeowners switch to photovoltaic power. A carefully designed and expertly installed solar panel array can save thousands in utility costs over the course of its lifetime. If your goal is to eliminate your power bills, consider the following as you plan your solar energy system installation.

Current Energy Consumption

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Utah homeowners pay an average price of 10.5 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity used. As a result, most monthly power bills are upwards of $90. Look at your previous utility statements to determine your household energy use, and consider taking steps to reduce your level of power consumption. By making your home more efficient before you install a solar energy system, you will have an easier time offsetting all of your electricity costs. 

Solar Energy System Size

Regardless of whether or not you minimize your household energy consumption, the size of your solar array will have a direct effect on your monthly power bills. Each solar panel in your array can produce only a certain amount of electricity. Therefore, to completely eliminate your energy costs, you need to install a PV system that’s large enough to meet your home power needs. 

Solar Panel Array Installation Costs

Installing a solar array that offsets your electricity use and eliminates your power bill may take a significant investment. But, now is the ideal time to switch to photovoltaic power. Begin your PV system installation by the end 2019, and you can claim the lucrative federal solar tax credit, which reduces your liability by a full 30 percent of your photovoltaic costs. Plus, Utah offers a tax credit of up to $1,600 for residential solar energy projects. If you wait, you might miss out on these lucrative financial incentives. 

Should You Switch to Photovoltaic Power?

Eliminating your monthly power bill may be the ultimate goal, but your photovoltaic power project will pay off even if your solar array doesn’t offset all of your energy costs. In Utah, the law requires electricity providers to offer net metering arrangements – and if your PV system ever produces more energy than your household needs, you will receive a credit on your power bill. What’s more, installing a solar panel array can boost your home value. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, solar-powered properties sell for up to 17 percent more money – and up to 20 percent faster — than similar properties powered entirely by the utility grid. Do you have questions about switching to photovoltaic power in Utah? Or are you ready to begin planning your solar energy project? Turn to the professional team at Greenify Energy Savers. Based in Sandy, Utah, and serving homeowners throughout the greater Salt Lake City area, Greenify Energy Savers offers expert home PV system installation as well as a range of affordable energy efficiency upgrades. If you want to eliminate your power bill, contact us for a free solar energy system consultation today.