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In-Home Energy Efficiency Audit

The first step towards providing energy efficiency in your home is by scheduling a Greenify audit. Our energy efficiency audits are performed by highly trained professionals utilizing cutting-edge equipment to provide you the most accurate and in-depth home energy audit available on the market. We conduct a blower door test and perform a thermal image evaluation of your home. Any company that performs an energy “audit” without using these two crucial components to measure efficiency is simply walking through your home and claiming that as an audit. Truth be told, IT ISN’T.

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Greenify Home Energy Efficiency Makeover

In order to achieve the most savings in regards to energy and your wallet, we believe in a whole-home assessment and makeover. At Greenify, We perform a whole spectrum of home energy saving services, thus saving you a lot of time, money and headache. By combining the home audit, the audit report, and the home upgrades, your experience with us will be easier and more personal. Greenify will be the one provider for all of your energy needs.

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The Energy Efficiency Audit Process

    Step 1 Blower Door Test: The Blower Door test involves placing a fan on your front door. The fan depressurizes the home which means that air is being pulled from the home. When the air is being pulled from the home an equal amount of air enters the home from the outside. The air flowing into the home from the outside represent all the areas of leakage and drafts.
    Step 2 Thermal Image Evaluation: While the fan from the door is running the auditor will walk around with a thermal image camera and will be able to pin point exactly where the leaks and drafts from the outside are coming from. This is done because the camera detects differences in temperature. When it is either hotter or colder outside then it is inside the home the camera will be able to detect that thus revealing the air leaks.
  • Step 3 Window Inspection: Popular areas of leakage in the home are around windows (both the windows themselves and caulking around the windows), exterior doors, around exterior door and window trim, plumbing penetrations, electrical outlets and switches, edges of the floors, fireplaces, mechanical rooms and especially bad area attic penetrations.
    Step 4 Attic and Insulation: The Greenify audit specialist will go up into the attic and check the insulation levels and evaluate the attic temperature and ventilation. Many inefficiencies in the home are located in the attic.
    Step 5 Lighting and Tint: The auditor will also take any measurements that might be necessary for new windows or window tint and make sure that the customer has switched over to LED lights.
  • Home Energy Audit Report: After the Audit is complete the auditor will schedule a return appointment with the customer to present a customized energy efficiency plan. It is the Greenify team’s primary goal to supply information to not only make your home more cost and energy efficient, but also more enjoyable to live in.

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Here is a list of our Energy Efficiency Saving Solutions:


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Energy Saving Solutions