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Professional Home Window Tinting

Home window tinting for any residential area in the state of Utah!
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Professional Home Window Tinting

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Why You Need a Window Tint Installation

Home window tinting is a wonderful, cost effective alternative to energy efficient window replacement. Heat gain through windows is one of the most common energy inefficiencies in homes today. Installing residential window tinting can reduce your cooling costs substantially.

Your Home Window Tinting Solution

Greenify uses 3M window tints. These tints are hands down the best tint out there and include a lifetime warranty! When you install our 3M house window tints, the sun’s rays hit your window, and the 3M window tints reflect UV rays keeping the heat out, but also letting in the visible light in. Room temperature also doesn’t escape through 3M window tints from inside your home.
Residential window tinting is ideal in Utah. With higher elevations we are closer to the sun and with clear skies in the summer, your home is just a sitting duck for increased temperatures.

House Window Tinting Benefits:

Energy Savings

The heat blocking window tint saves energy by rejecting up to 70% of the solar heat

Better Comfort

Provides increased comfort and helps to eliminate hot spots in your home

Sun Protection

Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays potentially protecting you from skin cancer.

Glare Reduction

Reduces glare improving TB and computer screen viewing

Safety & Privacy

Helps protect against severe weather, accidents, break-ins, and unwanted people looking into your house.


The overall look and appearance of your home will look great with 3M tinted windows!