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Solar Panels in Salt Lake City, Utah

In Salt Lake City, solar panels are an environmentally friendly way to reduce your home’s power use – and the bills that go along with it. Not only will you reduce your emission of greenhouses gasses but you’ll also increase the comfort of your home. Install an off-grid system and you will also gain your independence from the power company, avoiding the inevitable rate hikes and power outages. Photovoltaic (PV) energy systems are surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider the available rebates and tax credits. And, as Salt Lake City has made the commitment to pursue green energy solutions, you’ll love how simple it is to make your goal of going solar a reality.

Solar Panels Are the Perfect Green Energy Solution

Northern Utah is the ideal location for going solar, as our plentiful, year ‘round sunshine provides enough power to satisfy all your home’s needs. You can have your PV system installed on your home’s rooftop or, if you don’t have the right conditions for a rooftop system, you can choose to mount your panels on another structure (like a garage) or install ground-mounted panels. You can choose a stationary tilt mounting for your panels or, to maximize the amount of energy you capture, you can choose an adjustable mounting or sun tracker system, allowing you to change the orientation of the panels based on the sun’s location.

Economic Benefits of Adopting Clean, Green Solar Power

When you install a solar energy system, you harness the power of the sun to provide power that is free and clean. When your system produces more electricity than you can use, the excess power is fed up the grid for use by your utility company. Through the net metering process, you will receive credit for the excess power you send back. If you prefer – or if you have a property that is not connected to municipal power – you can install a battery backup system that will allow you to live off the grid completely. Purchasing your solar panels can bump up the value and salability of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers. And, when you take advantage of the solar tax credits and rebates that are available in Utah, your system will pay for itself before you know it.

Trust the Salt Lake City Solar Panel Experts

Greenify Energy Savers is Salt Lake City’s preferred expert for installing solar panels and photovoltaic systems. Our high-efficiency PV panels are made in the U.S.A. and designed to be aesthetically pleasing on your rooftop. We also specialize in recommending practical and affordable energy efficiency improvements for your home. By implementing these improvements, you can potentially reduce your energy consumption by up to 40 percent. And that means that you’ll also save money on your solar panels, because you’ll need fewer to meet your home’s power needs. Contact Greenify Energy Savers today to learn more, or to schedule your home energy audit. We look forward to showing you how you can save money and help the environment by installing solar panels at your Salt Lake City UT home.