Solar Value Proposition

Ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency


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Reduce then Produce

Because we are an energy efficiency company first and foremost, we want to look for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. We believe in reducing your utility usage by implementing recommended energy efficient upgrades and then producing your own electricity by installing solar panels.

Unique Greenify Advantages To Going Solar

  1. Energy efficient improvements can save you 20%- 40% on your combined gas and electric usage. This means that the size of your solar panel system with Greenify would be significantly less than our competitors, thus saving you thousands and thousands of dollars on your solar install.
  2. An energy efficient home saves you on both gas and electric bills. Solar only saves you on your electric bill. Think about the winter months…most of your utility usage is gas to heat up your home.
  3. An energy efficient home is a more comfortable home. Many people consider comfort as the most important reason to become more energy efficient. Solar panel installation does not address your home’s comfort.
  4. Greenify recommends American made, high efficiency panels. We also have more budget friendly options.
  5. Off-grid battery backup systems are available as well as roof or ground mount systems.

If you have already taken steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency and are ready to jump right into solar then click here for a free solar quote (click here will take them to a link to fill out a form)

Top Myths about Solar

  1. Solar is going to help your home be more energy efficient. False – Solar panels do nothing to better your home’s energy efficiency.
  2. With Solar you are going to reduce your energy consumption. False – Only your home’s energy efficiency and living habits are going to determine usage.
  3. Solar is a great year-round benefit. False – Although your panels will produce electricity in the winter time, most of your winter energy consumption will be gas to heat your home which will not be impacted at all with Solar panels.
  4. Now that you have Solar, you are now energy independent. False – Although you can get off the grid with really expensive battery storage, 95% of Solar users are still tied to the local utility grid.
  5. Solar panels make a home more comfortable. False – That upstairs will be just as hot in the summer and those drafts in the winter will be just as cold whether you have Solar or not. Only taking steps to make the home energy efficient will make it more comfortable.

Solar Value Proposition