Steps to the Solar Panel Installation Process

Solar energy contractor in Utah
Professional contractors streamline the solar panel installation process in order to make switching to photovoltaic power easy. But what does the process actually involve? Here at Greenify Energy Savers, we get this question quite frequently – and understandably so, as homeowners need to know what to expect before embarking on any home improvement project. In light of this, we decided to share a guide to the solar panel installation process.

Step 1: Solar Energy Contractor Consultations

Most reputable photovoltaic contractors, including the team at Greenify Energy Savers, offer free consultations and estimates for solar energy system installation. Schedule appointments with a few different companies, then compare the price per watt (PPW) as you consider their bids.

Step 2: Solar Panel Installation Contract

After you decide which professional photovoltaic contractor you want to hire, you’ll need to sign a contract. Before you commit to the project, however, make sure the contract indicates the specific equipment to be installed and provides details on energy output, warranty terms and financing arrangements.

Step 3: Solar Energy Adoption Paperwork

Next is obtaining the building and electrical permits and filling out the forms for the federal solar tax credit, the Utah state tax credit and any other currently available financial incentives. But don’t worry – professional contractors usually take care of the paperwork.

Step 4: Solar Energy System Equipment

Once the permits and paperwork are good to go, it’s time to order the solar panels and other system equipment the project requires. Professional photovoltaic contractors handle this step, but this is the point when you’ll schedule a day for your solar energy system installation.

Step 5: Solar Panel System Installation

When installation day arrives, you’ll need to sign some paperwork. The company you hired will complete the work without your assistance, but be prepared – installing a solar energy system can be rather noisy. And if your project is complex, it may take more than one day to complete.

Step 6: Solar Energy Interconnection

The final step is to connect the system to the local utility grid, which requires approval from your city’s building inspector and, in some cases, signoff from the electricity provider. Your photovoltaic contractor will arrange for the necessary inspections and make sure everything proceeds without a hitch. If you’re ready to make the switch to photovoltaic power and you live in northern Utah, call on the professional solar energy contractors at Greenify Energy Savers. Based in Sandy, Utah, Greenify Energy Savers offers expert solar panel system installation in Salt Lake City, Park City, Cottonwood Heights and the surrounding areas. We also provide a range of affordable energy efficiency upgrades designed to reduce power consumption and photovoltaic system costs, allowing homeowners to reach the payback point sooner. For more information about the services we provide at Greenify Energy Savers, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss solar panel installation, contact us today.