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Solar + Energy Efficiency Bundles

Why Bundle?

Bundling home solar and energy efficiency measures is highly beneficial for maximizing cost savings. When combined, these two approaches work synergistically to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient home. By implementing energy efficiency upgrades such as insulation, air sealing, and efficient appliances, you can reduce your overall energy consumption. This, in turn, allows your solar system to meet a greater portion of your energy needs, resulting in significant savings on utility bills. By bundling these solutions, you not only harness the clean and renewable power of solar but also optimize your home’s energy usage, ultimately saving you more money in the long run.

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Unique Greenify Advantages of Bundling Solar & Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient improvements can save you 20%- 40% on your combined gas and electric usage. This means that the size of your solar panel system with Greenify would be significantly less than our competitors, thus saving you thousands and thousands of dollars on your solar install.


An energy-efficient home saves you on both gas and electric bills. Solar only saves you on your electric bill. Think about the winter months…most of your utility usage is gas to heat up your home.


An energy-efficient home is a more comfortable home. Many people consider comfort as the most important reason to become more energy efficient. Solar panel installation does not address your home’s comfort.


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