Radiant Barrier

Reducing summer attic heat gain and preventing winter heat loss


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Regulate temperatures better with a Radiant Barrier

An innovation originally developed by NASA for astronaut space suits has become a viable way to save on heating and cooling energy bills. The popularity of heat reflecting foil is growing rapidly as homeowners become aware of the benefits. Aluminum foil-based Radiant Barrier has found its way into the homes of people across the world, making their homes more comfortable and increasing their home’s energy efficiency.

Reducing summer attic heat gain and preventing winter heat loss is the most important thing you can do to make your home more energy efficient. The installation of a Radiant Barrier will pay huge dividends in achieving better energy efficiency.

Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier keeps heat out during the Summer

In the summer, the single largest source of heat gained by your home or building is in the form of radiant heat. A large amount of this heat comes through the roof and ceiling, typically in the attic. If you have spent any time in an attic on a summer day you understand this completely. The roof of your home absorbs the radiant heat coming from the sun and passes into the attic which turns the attic into an oven. This extreme heat then is transferred into your home. It is critical that we keep the temperatures in the attic as cool as possible in the summer.

A properly installed radiant barrier will reflect up to 97% of the radiant heat entering the attic. Radiant Barrier keeps heat in during the Winter

In the winter, heat passes through your ceiling and into the attic and out of the house completely. When heat is lost through the ceiling and attic, your home’s heater works to reheat the space. A properly installed Radiant Barrier can reduce this wasted energy by reflecting much of the heat back towards the interior of the building, keeping your home warmer and reducing your heating bills. As the cost of natural gas and electricity continues to increase, payback times decreases.

The attic is the most common location to install a Radiant Barrier. Virtually every home will benefit from an attic installed Radiant Barrier system.


Radiant Barrier