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“The day our radiant barrier and R60 insulation blow-in was done, we got home and my wife and I both immediately said -“Whoa! The house feels NOTICEABLY cooler.” The difference from the air seal is also totally noticeable. Our house just fees airtight – pressurized almost. Keeping the A/C air in and my family infinitely more comfortable. The Greenify contractors showed up each time, precisely on-time, and did everything just as planned. Very nice work. We are well pleased with out choice. The energy audit was very enlightening and I couldn’t believe how much energy we were wasting. Just received my first Rocky Mountain power bill since our Silver Package was complete. Substantial savings on that bill. I can’t wait to trend it in the winter, too. Kudos to Greenify. I am telling everyone I know. This will hands-down be the best energy savings plan you can do for your house. Excellent financing options which we took full advantage of. And with Aaron’s help, I’ll be receiving some significant rebate checks from Questar and RMP in a few short weeks. Highly recommended.”


“My home has always been warm in the summer and cool in the winter, and it seems my AC and furnace run a lot during their respective seasons. I knew I was interested in adding insulation to the home and contacted Greenify. A few weeks ago I had Greenify come out to perform an energy audit on my home – it was very enlightening. Wyck came out and performed the study. I had no idea how much loss I was getting due to the poor air sealing I had, and how much heat radiation I was getting on the interior walls of my home – even through the electrical outlets and can lights. Wyck designed a package that would suit my needs with no pressure to add more than I was interested in. I had Greenify perform a complete air seal package, install radiant barrier in the attic areas and add insulation to what I had existing. My attic spaces are complex and the access is not that great. The Greenify team installed two attic access points. I also got a cool new thermostat control that I can operate from my smart phone. With it now being fall, I haven’t yet had a chance to experience the full potential of the improvements at the extremes of the seasons, but the changes are still noticeable. The Greenify staff were extremely friendly, helpful and prompt. They estimated three days to complete the modifications and they were right on target. Wyck had also prepared all of the rebate paperwork to simplify that process. Greenify is a great group to work with.”

-R. Moushey

“After intentionally seeking out a company to help make my home more energy efficient, I had a home energy audit conducted by Wyck. He was very thorough and did a wonderful job explaining the findings and helping me to prioritize which ones needed immediate action. He came back a few days later with a more formal report and recommendations. There were three packages that I could choose from or select a la carte. I appreciated the time he took in explaining the different options.
The next day, a team of three associates came to my home to do the home envelope sealing. They were extremely courteous and got the job done in a matter of hours. I’m looking forward to doing the radiant barrier in the spring!”

-N. Rosen

“Greenify was great to work with. We did a home energy audit with a different company on our previous home and Greenify was far superior. We were very pleased with the way they presented their findings and worked with us to plan solutions that fit our budget.

The actual work was done quickly and professionally. It has now been a couple months and we’ve noticed a marked improvement in our home. We couldn’t stand to be upstairs during the summer because it was so hot, but this summer it was pleasant regardless. I would definitely recommend the home envelope sealing and the radiant barrier. We look forward to seeing how it does this winter.

The Greenify workers were very courteous and helpful, and went out of their way to make sure the job was done right. They addressed every concern we had.”

-M. Page

“We had Greenify perform energy savings work in the summer of 2014 at our house. Our house is only 9 years old but very inefficient and very hot upstairs. They installed the attic radiant barrier, added additional insulation, an attic fan, and sealed the entire house. Those improvements cooled down the upstairs quite a bit, and overall our Rocky Mountain Power equal payment bill has decreased twice since that time. Our electrical usage has decreased during the summer months about 18 kwh per day and the cost has gone down $25 per month with more anticipated decreases to come . I also expect to see similar savings in our natural gas bill, as the house is much better sealed now . I would certainly recommend Greenify to any home owner.”

-D. Williams

“We requested an energy audit from Greenify Energy Savers and have been very pleased with the outcome. Our heating and power bill have both decreased and we love our new windows. The people we worked with were very professional and got the work done in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.”

-C. Monroe

“My experience with Greenify has been great! Even from our first phone conversation, they informed me of the process and the best possible ways to get a return on our investment. They also informed us of rebates that we qualified for. The home inspection was thorough and the heat-map images showed where we were losing heat in our home. Not only did they identify their suggested fixes, but they were willing to help with some plans I had to renovate certain areas of our home. The emails and phone calls were very responsive, and the work was done quickly. The people who performed the actual work were very professional and even took the time to show us everything they completed each day. Overall, I would suggest Greenify to anyone looking to make their home more efficient.”

-C. Quam

“I had Greenify conduct a full energy audit initially based on an Angie’s List promotion & their strong overall rating / feedback. Aaron & his team were very accommodating to my limited schedule and came out in less than 2 days to perform the audit. They were very thorough & the kind of subject matter experts you hope to find in this business. After we reviewed the audit, I began asking questions about fixes, priorities, etc, assuming I’d have to go to another company for the actual fixes. Not the case with Greenify — they do just about everything and sub out for experts in the market. I ended up having the garage ceiling insulated (yes, there was ZERO insulation originally — old house in the avenues), 3 external doors properly sealed & an unfinished part of the basement also foamed. Greenify did the finishing work as well (drywall + painting).

Overall, I was extremely pleased with their professionalism, expertise, & the quality of the end deliverable. I would absolutely recommend Greenify for any home energy analysis / needs (start with an audit!!). I look forward to using their services again in the future.”

-J Pelz

“Greenify is a great company! They are really easy to work with and provide many great products. We had them install attic insulation and replace our canned lighting with LED lights. Wyck was very knowledgable and helped us understand where our house had air leaks. We are very satisfied with the service that Greenify provided.”

-S. Olson

“Wow. I was so skeptical about this working. Our multi level house was so hot and our A/C unit ran all day and night. You could feel the heat from the attic in every room on our upper level. Greenify came out and went over all the advantages and pricing. We decided to have everything done. I cannot believe the difference!! The radiant barrier took all of the heat out of the house. Our power and gas bills went down so the money we saved paid for the service. The technicians were so friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond their job duties to make sure we were satisfied. It only took 3 days for everything to be complete. The windows are beautiful and the installer did a great job..it only took him part of a day to install 12 windows! Every single person who worked on our house was considerate and helpful. You don’t pay unless you are completely satisfied. I would recommend this to EVERYONE!! Greenify even completed all the rebate forms and emailed them to us. All we had to do was sign them and mail them in. They couldn’t have made the process any easier.”

-J. Curry

“Final bill did not deviate from the up-front estimate. All appointments and work was completed on-time or ahead of time. Very helpful with utility company rebates and tax credit information. Offered a number of discount programs, including cash discount, free home energy evaluation with purchase, and incentive for posting a promotional sign on our property. Cost of home energy efficiency upgrades should be considered an investment, so make sure to budget for the costs, but in the long-run they are well worth it for home comfort improvements and savings on utility bills. Workers did cause minor damage to our ceiling, but they promptly and professionally repaired it at their expense. The improvements (solar attic fan, attic insulation, attic radiant barrier, and window tintings) have all made major improvement in my home’s comfort level. I use the AC in the middle of the summer half the time I used to.”

-W. Davis

“Greenify just finished installing radiant barrier and insulation. I can already feel a big difference in comfort. They showed up on time and were finished quickly. I never worried about their integrity, and now i have a more comfortable home.”

-A. Nielson

“We had a really great experience with Greenify Energy Savers. They did a fantastic job in helping our home become more energy efficient. We purchased the Silver Package: adding insulation as we only had about 4 inches in the whole attic, Solar fan, windows for the upstairs, weather stripping, and a water heater blanket, and the new thermostat is just incredible. Our house has become so much cooler in just the week we have had Greenify Energy Savers there. It has been amazing 🙂 I would recommend them to anyone that wants to make their home more energy efficient.”

-T. Defilippis

“I have wanted to increase the amount of insulation in our attic since we purchased our home 3 years ago. We only had about 6″! I wanted to find a company who was also very well versed in obtaining rebates. When I originally started my research I happened upon Greenify, but didn’t want to call them because of the $50 audit charge. Instead I contacted three other companies who offered free audits. I didn’t get a single callback from either of them. I decided to give Greenify a chance. I’m glad I did because the audit was very thorough and I felt like I was being taken care of and given options rather than sales pitches. We had our insulation increased, new weatherstripping around the doors, sealed air leaks in the attic, a new solar powered attic fan, and our utility room insulated. The rebates and tax credits were significant enough that I’ll be able to pay for everything with my tax refund next year. I’m also able to do that because Greenify has a 12 month, no interest, no payments financing available. We’re very happy with everything.”

-A. Oakley

“I invited Greenify Energy Savers over to look at my home and see where I could make some changes to be more energy efficient. Honestly, I was thinking of just getting new insulation in the attic and calling it a day. But thankfully they opened my eyes to several other options on how I can improve my home. My favorite thing we did was the radiant barrier! I had NO IDEA this product even existed but I cannot believe the difference it’s made in keeping my home cool! The money we invested was very well spent and the employees who did the work were courteous, clean, and worked with my schedule. I would highly recommend them!”

-A. Crismon

“Driving down the road and heard a Greenify advertisement on the radio. I’ve always been interested in living more “green” and saving money on utilities, but I was skeptical because of an unfruitful experience with another company several years ago. Anyway, I called Aaron that same day and believe it or not; he visited my home later that afternoon to conduct an energy audit. A couple of days later, after a thorough inspection of my home, Aaron visited again to discuss areas for improvement and projected savings (20% – which equates to $1,400 annually for me personally). Hard for me to believe that level of savings potential existed since I own a newer home (built in 2010), but many contractors now days don’t air seal and insulate homes like they should. For my home, I decided on a thorough process of making my home more air tight and installation of solar attic fans. Aaron’s service team, Mark and Jared (great guys), were out to begin work two days later. The work was complete after 3 days. Time will tell if I see actual savings, but I expect I will. My home feels more comfortable and I’m noticing the air conditioner doesn’t seem to run as often. Greenify is a great company using sound and detailed processes to identify and implement energy saving solutions for your home. They are very responsive, they complete the project quickly and they’re easy to work with. They even come prepared to assist in securing project financing and all available rebates. I highly recommend Greenify to anyone interesting in saving money on their utilities or making their interior environment more comfortable.”

-C. Connelly

“I heard about Greenify Energy Savers on a local radio station. What caught my interest was the home energy audit for $50 dollars. Our home was always hot during the summer and cold during the winter, especially on the top floor that faces south. I made an appointment and the owner Wyck came out to our home and performed an energy audit. It was a very thorough process that used thermal imaging, blower test of the home and inspecting the attic. The results confirmed why our home was hot and uncomfortable in the upper levels. The thermal test showed hot air from the attic getting into our home. The attic temperature was reading 136 degrees and generally should be the same temperature as the outside. Wyck discussed professionally the options available to correct the problem. He had different packages we could choose from, and you could mix and match. We decided for out home to tint the south and west facing windows, install a radiant barrier in the attic, air sealed the home and have more insulation blown into the attic. The results of the work done were noticed right away. The home temperature on the upper levels decreased and become liveable again. Our air conditioner has not had to be on continuously like before. These upgrades will make the home feel better but also save money on my heating and cooling bills. It was a great investment to our home since we will be living in it for a very long time. I highly recommend to anyone reading this review to give Greenify Energy Savers a call and have the energy audit performed. The low cost of 50 dollars will give you useful information and you can go from there. The contractors were all very professional and were very friendly. Wick was very good at explaining things and listening to what we had to say. He was very easy to work with. Give him a call.”

-G. Martinez

“Aaron and Greenify were great to work with. Their organization, follow through and organization throughout the energy improvements was excellent. The improvements made an immediate impact on our gas and electricity bills just as the energy saving bid outlined. The quality of work performed was very good and they came out to verify the quality of work and explain how to submit rebates. Excellent product and great to work with!”

-J. Parker

“Wow, what a difference in our home after the Greenify team got done. We noticed an immediate difference in the comfort and temperature in our home. Greenify was quick, efficient, friendly and went the extra mile to make sure we had a positive experience. They are good communicators and great to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to save money on home utility bills and add to the comfort of their home.”

-D. Downing

“They came in and valuated how much insulation I had in my attic. They said I had an R-10 with bare spots. With the company rep we talked about where I should be at and I decided to go with a R-50 value. We got every thing scheduled and one individual came in a day early to build up my sides on the entrance to the attic so insulation would not fall out when entering the attic. The individual who came and did this was very professional and cleaned up what mess was made. The insulators had to change the date they were suppose to come in. When they showed up on the new scheduled date they were prompt and very considerate since they knew I had 2 cats and made sure the cats would and could not get out. It did not take very long to get the insulation blown in. When they were done they had me inspect the attic. I was very happy with what they had done. They made sure everything was cleaned up prior to leaving. They asked my if I had any concerns. The company rep also helped me fill out the needed paperwork for the energy rebates that were out there.”

-J. Anderson

“Was great, they showed up on time, very professional.”

-M. Sanchez

“We had Greenify do a home energy audit this winter, and hired them to insulate our attic, install new energy efficient windows and weather seal our house. Service was on time and efficient, and they worked with us to satisfy our somewhat unusual needs within our budget. Our drafty old house is still old, but not drafty, and the new windows really dress it up, inside and out. I recommend Greenify Energy Services to anyone who wants to save money, reduce their energy use or just have a more comfortable home.”

-N. Bockelie

“We hired Greenify to do some energy improvements on our home. It was a pleasant experience working with Wyck Parker. The energy audit was thorough and the options explained well. The workers were professional and respectful. Overall, it was a smooth operation from the planning to the completion. I can highly recommend Greenify.”

-J. Kohlman

“We had a great experience with Greenify! They were professional and efficient. The audit was very thorough. Wyck walked us through the entire process and answered all of our questions. I really appreciated being able to understand why our home was energy inefficient and why we needed the upgrade. He was also very friendly. When he came to share with us the audit results, he helped us figure out what would work best for us at this time. We bought the silver package, but we were able to make some adjustments that fit our needs. Wyck let us know about all the rebates and tax credits that we would be able to receive. I felt confident that we were receiving what was right for us. The Greenify team came as soon as the holidays were over. The workers were very quick and efficient. It took them two days to finish the entire house. Overall, we were very impressed by Greenify! We would highly recommend them for energy efficiency upgrades.”

-A. Fox

“I had Greenify Energy Savers come to my home to give me an estimate after my Questar Energy Audit. I was so impressed by the thoroughness of the estimate that I hired them to make several improvements to my home. I loved the packaged pricing that they offered and that they had personalized it to what I was wanting the most. My estimate was on a Friday and they started the work the following Monday. It only took them 3 days to finish everything! They have some great products like the radiant barrier, solar attic fan and smart thermostat. The insulation installation only took about an hour and I have already noticed a huge difference in the temperature of my home. I am so pleased with the work that Greenify did that I recommend them to everyone I know!”

-B Pierce

“I needed new weather stripping and additional attic insulation in my home. I called Greenify and spoke to Aaron. He was able to schedule an appointment the same day. He provided me with a written quote and was able to complete the work the following week. The workers showed up on time and were very professional. Aaron followed up with me after the job was completed to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction. He even went up in my attic to make sure the insulation and radiant barrier was installed properly. He also had the ThermWise rebate form completed so all I needed to do was sign it and mail it. I highly recommend Greenify.”

-M. Batista

“We had Greenify Energy Savers install floor insulation in the ceiling of our crawlspace. They also insulated the ducts in that area. Aaron Parker, the owner, was amazing to work with. He returned calls and emails in a very timely manner. He was courteous and professional throughout the entire process, giving an estimate, answering questions, scheduling the installation, and wrapping things up after the job was complete. When I spoke with him about an estimate, he forgot to include one material in the price, so he threw it in for free! After the work was finished, Aaron arrived at our home with invoice and rebate in hand. He had filled out the entire rebate (minus a few items he didn’t know)! What a great service! We will definitely take any future insulation needs to Greenify. We highly recommend them!”

-C. Christensen

“We had Greenify come and improve our home last June.  The entire process took only 3 days and all of the workers were very careful to avoid any problems that would be disruptive to our family.  The work was clean and fast and we felt the effects very quickly.  In the hot Summer time we found that our home stayed cooler longer before the AC had to come back on.  We used to have a big problem with cooling our home.  We would have to continue to turn up the AC as the day got warmer and warmer so that the system could shut down now and then and not freeze over.  We were able to keep our home cool all summer long and see savings on our bill.  Now that it is getting cooler in November we are finding HUGE savings with our heating bills.  Our heater takes much less time to heat our home and the temperature stays constant longer.  We love the savings we are getting now.  The last bill I opened just today showed that we are saving over $75.00 from last year at this time.  We loved working with Aaron, the owner, who made it really simple to get financing for everything we improved.  Thank you Greenify.”

-S. Ellefson

“We recently had Greenify improve the energy efficiency of our home with the Gold package. One of the first things we noticed was the difference in the temperature of our home. Once the radiant barrier was installed we noticed our home staying warm with the furnace turning on less often and for a shorter duration. We also had the window tinting applied all the way around the house. The reduction in heat coming in through the south windows was really nice. Even in the cooler weather the south side of the house would heat up. The privacy in the front of the house is an added bonus of the tinting, too. The other thing we particularly enjoy is the on-demand water heater. It is so nice to not have to worry about taking turns with the shower and then having to wait for the water to heat up again so someone else can shower. Now, with the upgraded water heater and supply line, we can run hot water from multiple sources simultaneously and not notice a loss of hot water. Plus, we’re no longer keeping hot water sitting around when it’s not needed. I’m very happy that they used a solar powered attic fan. And, I’m especially happy to know that I’m reducing my overall carbon footprint on the environment. Our contractor was great to work with. He always answered our questions, followed through on what he said he’d do, and did a great job. We just really appreciate him and his hard work. We can’t recommend Greenify or our contractor enough. We tell anyone we can about the upgrades we had done because we’re so happy with it. Thank you, Greenify, for making this as smooth of a process as possible and working with us on our requests.”

-A. Tso

“We recently purchased a silver package from Greenify Energy Savers. This package worked out really well for us.  Before we called them we had only a little bit of insulation above the upstairs bedrooms and zero insulation above the kitchen and laundry room.  The entire house would get very cold in the winter and the upstairs would get so hot in the summer that we would have to sleep on the couches downstairs.Our silver package included the maximum amount of insulation, radiant barrier and an attic fan.  These have made a significant difference in how comfortable the house is now. We had no problem sleeping upstairs when it was hot outside and now that it is getting cold we barely have to turn the heat up to make the house comfortably warm.Aaron was good to work with. If I ever had a question or a problem I could call him and he would deal with it directly.  I would recommend Greenify Energy Savers to anyone who is looking to save money on their energy bill and to make their house more livable.”

-D. Sandall

“Last May I had the installation of a Gold Package from Greenify in my home. I leave in Eagle Mountain, Utah.The installation process of all the improvements in our home was very good and the workers always tried to avoid disruption to our normal activities at home. There were several changes that improved the feeling of comfort inside the home, the additional insulation, the radiant barrier, the windows tinting, etc. All helped to the result.So far the benefits start to have a positive effect in the consumption of Power in my home. In a comparison between June of last year and June of this year, we have an important reduction. In June of 2012 we had consumption of 938 KWH and in this June 573 KWH. We were away from a week during June, but the change is very important to be only affected by this.We are really happy for the investment we did and we will be having consistent savings in our utilities bills.We recommend the services of Greenify to everybody and specially the professional service of Aaron Parker, owner and manager of the company.”

-E. Flores

“I am very happy with the service provided. It was nice to find out what problems I need fixed, but to have all the solutions also provided all at the same time. Project started with in 3 days and it only to 4 days for all upgrades to happen and be completed. We noticed a difference on the first day of the radiant barrier being installed. Our air is not running as often and as well not needing to be as low temp. We are so excited to see our first bill with the changes we have made. Thank you Greenify.”

-F. Johnson