Floor and Wall Insulation in Sandy, Utah

Transition to a more energy-efficient home with blown-in fiberglass insulation from Greenify Energy Savers. We’ll insulate your attic, walls, ceiling and floors.


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Attic Insulation

At Greenify, the most popular insulation product we offer is blown-in fiberglass insulation installed on attic floors. In our opinion, blown-in fiberglass is higher performing and more cost effective than blown-in cellulose insulation, but cellulose insulation is available at the request of our customers. Greenify ALWAYS recommends a full R-60 (about 22 inches) of fiberglass insulation in the attic.

Wall Insulation

Most homes in Utah, even older homes, have insulation in the exterior walls for the floors above ground. However, that is not always the case with exterior basement or crawl walls.

There are three solutions for insulating your walls:

1. If the walls are unfinished, or just framed out, the most budget friendly option is using fiberglass batts.
2. For framed or finished walls the best option is dense packing the cavity with blown-in fiberglass insulation. The dense fill method is the most popular method of insulating walls because it provides a 25% greater R-value than fiberglass batts.
3. Far and away the best insulation material is closed cell foam insulation. Not only does closed cell foam provide the best R-value per square inch (30% greater than dense fill), it also seals the house from unwanted airflow from the outside. Basement and crawl space walls, basement rim joists, and any cantilevers or overhangs are the most common areas where closed cell foam insulation is installed.

Ceiling/Floor Insulation

The three options for insulating the walls are also available for insulating the ceiling. The most critical ceilings to insulate are the basement ceiling, and the garage ceiling if there are finished rooms above. In addition to the R-value provided by the ceiling insulation, an important consideration for insulating basement ceilings is that it provides a good sound barrier between floors.

Please see our “Rebates/Credits” Page for more information on the available insulation rebates that are available from Questar Gas and Rocky Mountain Power.

Attic Insulation Utah climate zone map

The US Dept. of Energy recommends that homes in climate zone 6 have between R-49 and R-60. Most homes, even new homes, in Utah have R-38 or less.

Floor and Wall Insulation in Sandy, Utah