Tax Credits and Rebates in Utah

Greenify will assist you in applying for credits and rebates


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Federal and State Home Energy Tax Credits

Both the federal and state governments want you to become more energy conscious, and for a limited time they are offering dollar-for-dollar tax credits for many solar and home energy improvements.

Local utility companies also offer cash rebates for many of the upgrades that we perform.

Greenify will assist you in applying for these credits and rebates.

Important Solar Tax Credit Information

Both Federal and State Tax Credits are being phased out and will be going away in the near future. If you’ve ever thought about adding Solar to your home, act now and you can still receive credits. The Utah Solar Tax Credit ends at the end of 2023.

Credits and Rebates for Consumer Energy Efficiency

Below are the credits and rebates available to you:

Some additional restrictions may apply

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Tax Credits and Rebates in Utah