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Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and help reduce your carbon footprint as well as boost your residential or commercial property value. Additionally, solar panels give you a favorable return on investment — you help save the environment while minimizing your long-term overall energy costs.

Greenify Energy Savers increases home comfort with residential solar installation in Sandy, UT. Once you go solar, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is powered by sustainable energy.

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Reduce Then Produce

Greenify recognizes the importance of energy efficiency in homes and our goal is to help our customers achieve maximum comfort. We believe in reducing your utility usage by implementing recommended energy efficient upgrades and then producing your own electricity through solar panel installation.

Unique Greenify Advantages to Going Solar

1 Energy efficient improvements can save you 20%- 40% on your combined gas and electric usage. This means that the size of your solar panel system with Greenify would be significantly less than our competitors, thus saving you thousands and thousands of dollars on your solar install.
2 An energy efficient home saves you on both gas and electric bills. Solar only saves you on your electric bill. Think about the winter months…most of your utility usage is gas to heat up your home.
3 An energy efficient home is a more comfortable home. Many people consider comfort as the most important reason to become more energy efficient. Solar panel installation does not address your home’s comfort.
4 Greenify recommends American made, high efficiency panels that are aesthetically pleasing.
5 Off-grid battery backup systems are available as well as roof or ground mount systems.

Top Reasons to go Solar with Greenify

  • Solar energy efficientSolar is going to help your home be more energy efficient.
    FalseSolar panels do nothing to better your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Solar energy efficient With Solar you are going to reduce your energy consumption.
    FalseOnly your home’s energy efficiency and living habits are going to determine usage.
  • Solar energy efficient Solar is a great year-round benefit.
    FalseAlthough your panels will produce electricity in the winter time, most of your winter energy consumption will be gas to heat your home which will not be impacted at all with Solar panels.
  • Solar energy efficient Now that you have Solar, you are now energy independent.
    FalseAlthough you can get off the grid with really expensive battery storage, 95% of Solar users are still tied to the local utility grid.
  • Solar energy efficient Solar panels make a home more comfortable.
    FalseThat upstairs will be just as hot in the summer and those drafts in the winter will be just as cold whether you have Solar or not. Only taking steps to make the home energy efficient will make it more comfortable.

Top Reasons to go Solar with Greenify

  • Solar energy efficient
    Potential Savings: Many Greenify customers literally make money from solar panel installation. Customers financing their Greenify solar project frequently pay less per month for their solar than their previous electric utility bill.
  • Solar energy efficient
    Energy Independence: Rather than “renting” your electric power from Rocky Mountain Power (or your municipal electric provider), own your own electric power production with solar panels.With Greenify’s off-grid systems, say goodbye forever to your power company, while protecting yourself from grid-wide power outages.
  • Solar energy efficient
    Protection Against Rate Hikes: In just the last five years Rocky Mountain Power’s electric rates in Utah have increased 24%. That is an average of 4.8% per year! Assuming a $150 current electric bill, and presuming similar future increases, in seven years your monthly bill would be $208. It would be $484 per month in 25 years. With solar generated power, you lock in your rates for the next 25-30 years the day your solar panel system is activated. (Source:
  • Solar energy efficient
    Increased Home Value: Greenify solar panels will add substantial resale value to your home. In a 12-year nationwide study of nearly 20,000 homes, Motley Fool, a respected national financial adviser, found that with a 3.6 kilowatt solar panel system, home values increased an average of $15,000. The average residential solar project in Utah is about seven kilowatts. Based on this data, Utah homeowners could expect a $15,000-$25,000 increase in their home’s market value when adding solar panels.
  • Solar energy efficient
    Tax Advantages: Installing solar panels is a great way to lower your tax liability. Wouldn’t it be nice if you bought a $30,000 car and you also received an $11,000 federal and state income tax credit? Installing solar panels will provide a comparable tax benefit. In addition to a 30% federal income tax credit, the state of Utah offers a 25% income tax credit up to a maximum of $2,000 for installing a solar panel system.
  • Solar energy efficient
    Environmental Impact: Everybody wants to do their part to save the environment and reduce their carbon footprint if they incur no additional financial burden. Greenify’s solar solutions make sense financially and environmentally. An average size Greenify solar panel install eliminates greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 8,052 pounds of coal burned per year, or gas emissions equal to 17,786 automobile miles driven. It can save an estimated 6.12 forested acres per year.When you commit to solar, you’ll feel good about your contribution to preserving our priceless environment, through clean power.

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Company Comparison

Services Provided Greenify All Other Solar Companies
Solar Panel Installation
Attic Insulation
Radiant Barrier Attic Foil
Home Envelope Sealing
Window Replacement
Window Tint
Solar Attic Fan
Tankless Water Heater
Benefits Provided Greenify All Other Solar Companies
Harness Sun to Produce Electricity
Improve Energy Efficiency
Reduce Electricity Usage
Reduce Gas usage in Winter
Improve Home's Comfort
One-Stop Shop for all your Energy Efficiency Needs

Utah Solar and Net Metering Changes

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is an agreement with the utility, for you to bank your unused solar power and then reuse it when you need it (during the night). You essentially sell back the extra power you’re Solar Panel system produces to your utility company and they give you a credit in return. Since most solar homes are still connected to the power grid, when they use less electricity than their solar panels produce, this energy is added to the grid and you are given a credit. Utah Solar Tax Credits will be phasing out of the next several years and now is the best time to go Solar before these credits are gone!

  • State Tax Credits will be reduced at the end of 2017 and will be lowered each subsequent year.
  • Federal Tax Credits will also be reduced at the end of 2018.

Greenify Energy Savers is here to make sure that you’re receiving the most from your Solar Panels.

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Solar Panel Installation in Sandy, UT